Carroll Road Project

Carroll Road from Lima Road to Coral Springs Drive/Shearwater Run

Project Description

This project is on Carroll Road beginning at approximately 250 feet east of Bethel Road to Millstone Drive (west section #1801748) and Lima Road/SR 3 to Coral Springs Drive/Shearwater Run (east section #180749). The section of roadway in between (Millstone Drive to Lima Road/SR 3) is in Allen County's jurisdiction, thus not part of this road reconstruction project.

The western section (#180748) is a roadway reconstruction that includes curb and gutter on both sides with underground storm sewer system to address drainage on the roadway. An 8 foot wide trail on both sides of the roadway is proposed which will connect with the existing Bethel Rd Trail along the Carroll High School property going south and the existing sidewalks that continue west along Carroll Road. Within this section of the project additional storm sewer work may be needed to connect to the subdivision (Troutwood Drive in Carroll Creek) north of the roadway.

The eastern section of this project (#1801749) is a roadway reconstruction that includes curb and gutter on both sides with underground storm sewer system to address drainage on the roadway. This section will have a 10 foot wide trail on the north side of the roadway which will connect to the existing trail that continues east along Carroll Road. The south side of the east section will have a sidewalk to connect to existing sidewalks in Brooks Crossing subdivision (at Coral Springs Drive). In addition to the trails and sidewalks, curb ramps will be installed at all intersections.

Estimated Construction Cost: $2.9 million

Project Share: INDOT 80 %; Huntertown 20%

The Town approved a design for this project at its Public Meeting on September 8, 2020. That design is shown below. Since, Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council (NIRCC) and Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has shared concerns with the project because of safety reasons and the town has countered with an alternative plan (linked here). This plan, however, has not met approval of NIRCC and INDOT, who has suggested its own design (linked here). This design has increased the overall estimated construction cost by NIRCC to $3.3 million. Also included with this design are plans for potential upgrades, including a roundabout at the intersection of Carroll Road and Shearwater Run and changes to the intersection of Mossy Oak Run and Lima Crossing Drive. These upgrades, if approved, would likely be handled in a future phase(s) of this project. 

All parties have discussed the various plans and NIRCC and INDOT remains steadfast in their stance that it will pull its funding for the project if the town does not approve the current engineered design as presented. Scheduled improvements to the west side of Carroll Road are not impacted by the decision on how to proceed with the project on the east side of the road.

The Town Council voted, by 3-2 vote, at its Special Meeting on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 to approve the INDOT proposed design and move forward with the project. Neither of the proposed improvements to Lima Crossing Access and Mossy Oak Run nor the roundabout at Shearwater Run were included as part of this vote. One or both upgrades could be considered in the future. 

Links for Other information:

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