Clean Up Day - Do's and Don'ts

Republic Services

Clean-Up Day Do's & Don'ts

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What Republic Services/Serv-All Will Pick Up:

  • Trash should be in your Republic Services cart as best as possible and/or preferably bagged to prevent wind-blown debris that would create an unsightly neighborhood.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down to less than 4 feet long and bundled to 50 pounds or less for each bundle. Please no cardboard boxes filled with loose trash.
  • Please place any sharp or protruding objects in protected containers like heavy plastic detergent bottles. The lid should be taped shut with packaging tape. No needles or sharps.
  • Large Bulky Items (i.e. furniture, non-Freon appliances, carpet and padding rolled in 4 ft in length 50 pounds bundled, etc.)
  • Yard Waste (limbs, branches, and twigs that are less than 4 ft in length and less than 50 lbs. bundled) will be collected as regular trash. We do not collect leaves - these can be dropped off at our compost site located at the landfill for a minimal fee.

What Republic Services/Serv-All Will Not Pick Up:

  • Dirt, rocks, brick, cement, tires, or appliances with Freon
  • Hazardous, Chemical, Medical, or Infectious Waste.
    • No oil-based paints or flammable items. If paints are disposed of, they should be dried out with lids removed. no pesticides or bug sprays. No automotive fluids or parts.
  • Electronics: Television sets, copy machines, telephones, computers
  • Animal or Human remains
  • Building materials
  • Please DO NOT use your recycle container for trash/clean up. This could be confusing for multiple parties and we do not want to skip service for anyone unknowingly.