Town Manager

Beth Shellman was hired by the Huntertown Town Council as the first Town Manager in Huntertown and has been with the town since May 7, 2018. 

Indiana Code sets the duties of a Town Manager. The Huntertown Town Manager has the following duties:

(1) attends meetings of the Town Council, USB, Redevelopment Commission, prepares monthly reports and recommends actions she considers advisable;
(2) works with Town Council/USB/Department Heads to hire town employees and recommends pay schedules and standards that are fixed by the Town Council in an approved salary ordinance;
(3) works with the Town Council/USB/Department Heads to suspend, discharge, remove and transfer town employees;
(4) oversees the day-to-day functions of all town departments and is responsible for managing all town employees;
(5) prepares, administers and enforces ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the Town Council;
(6) faithfully administers all statutes that are required to be administered by the Town Council/USB;
(7) works with the Clerk-Treasurer and Department Heads to prepare budget estimates;
(8) may execute contracts on behalf of the town for materials, supplies, services, or improvements, after the completion of the appropriations, notice, and competitive bidding required by statute; and
(9) assists the Clerk-Treasurer in overseeing medical, property and liability insurance coverage.